The Property

About the Property

Workshops are held on our 25-acre semi-rural property in the Perth Hills.  Robyn and John purchased the property in 1978 as a bush block and set about building a rustic family home using almost entirely recycled materials.  They planted a large variety of deciduous trees which now serve as passive fire protection for the house as well as extensive orchards, vegetable and ornamental gardens.  More recently our focus has changed to growing more nutrient rich food such as blueberries, avocados, pomegranates and macadamia nuts.

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More About the Property

Over the past several years more 70 blueberry bushes have been planted on the property, which provide fruit for almost nine months of the year. All of the gardens are managed organically.

Over the years, our property has been home to cattle, horses, sheep and goats. We have various breeds of poultry which recycle our scraps, provide manure for the orchards and provide us with delicious eggs.  We rotate our chooks though a mobile ‘chicken tractor’ which is a portable coop moved around the orchards every few days.  The girls love to spend their day digging and eating weeds, are excellent for pest control and of course naturally fertilise the soil as they go.

During the summer months, we have 25 resident bee hives which produce delicious honey from the local Jarrah and Marri trees as well as help to pollinate our crops.