Dairy-free Cheesemaking

Dairy-free Cheesemaking

Dairy-free Cheesemaking

There is something about the flavour and texture of cheese that makes it addictive. If you ask anyone who is trying to eat a more plant based diet what they find the hardest to replace, it is without a doubt cheese! This introductory workshop is all about learning how to make dairy free cheese from scratch using whole foods. 

In this workshop, we will demonstrate how to make:

  • Simple parmesan sprinkle
  • A tasty cheesy sauce that doubles as a white sauce for lasagne, a topping for mac and cheese or nachos, or a dipping sauce for corn chips
  • A quick nut-free cheese
  • Fermented cashew cheese that can be turned into a tasty dip or moulded into logs and balls for a cheese platter
  • Aged fermented nut cheese

Enjoy samples of everything as we go and save room for a nourishing brunch after a walk the gardens and orchards.

Note this is an introductory class using easy-to-find ingredients. We will not be covering more advanced non-dairy cheese making techniques such as using moulds, growing rinds or harder to find cultures.

Take home notes and recipes are included. 

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