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Dairy-free Cheesemaking

Dairy-free Cheesemaking

There is something about the flavour and texture of cheese that makes it addictive. If you ask anyone who is trying to eat a more plant based diet what they find the hardest to replace, it is without a doubt cheese! 

This introductory workshop is all about learning how to make dairy free cheese from scratch using whole foods. Unlike some store bought vegan cheeses these have no strange ingredients, are a lovely texture, inexpensive and incredibly flavoursome. You definitely do not need to be dairy free to enjoy these delights.

In this workshop, we will demonstrate how to make:

  • simple parmesan sprinkle - add a punch to pasta and salad.
  • super tasty cheesy sauce - a topping for mac and cheese or nachos, white sauce for lasagne or a Mexican dip. This is kid tested and approved! 
    • easy fermented cashew cheese dip - a simple ferment that delivers a probiotic punch. This flavoursome and tangy dip is delicious on its own or as a great base for adding other flavours - our workshop favourites include roasted beets and balsamic or coriander and jalapeno. 
    • aged fermented nut cheese - an impressive cheese with a beautiful texture which develops more and more flavour as it ages.  We will teach you the basics then plenty of flavouring ideas. 

    Also included:

    • tastings and a cheese platter to share
    • take home notes and recipes 
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