Fermenting is best done in the cooler months - workshops returning Autumn 2021

Fermentation is one of the oldest methods of safely preserving food without the need for chemical preservatives, however the benefits of consuming fermented foods extend far beyond just a means of preservation. 

During the fermentation process, vitamins and minerals are not only preserved but in many cases are enhanced in their content and made easier for our bodies to absorb. The benefits of consuming fermented foods for gut health and healing are widespread and eating these foods is a perfect way to support our gut microbiome which plays an integral role in our health.  

Fermentation is inexpensive and easy to do at home and there is huge satisfaction that comes with cracking the lid on a jar of something you have made from scratch, to be enjoyed year-round or shared as gifts. 

Included in this hands-on workshop:

  • Introduction to fermenting, including the history, health benefits, equipment and processes, plus an introduction to the gut microbiome and its importance to our health. Go home feeling inspired and confident to start fermenting at home
  • Get your hands stuck into making your own jars of sauerkraut and kimchi to take home - tailored to your taste
  • Learn all about how to ferment garlic - including whole garlic cloves, a fermented garlic paste and black garlic
  • A nourishing brunch or afternoon tea
    • A day out in a restful, secluded rural space - some 'time out' to recharge
    • A wander around our extensive gardens, orchards and veggie patches
    • Printed notes and recipes are included

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