Fermentation is simply amazing and this age old process is now recieveing renewed interest as we celebrate all of the benefits that consuming fermented foods has to offer.

Fermented foods, rich in probiotics and nutrients, perfectly support our gut health and immunity. The fermentation process makes food more digestible, and enhances and makes the nutrients within it easier for our bodies to absorb. All this while effectively and safely preserving food and delivering a tangy flavour that is like no other.

Fermentation is incredibly inexpensive and easy to do at home and there is huge satisfaction that comes with cracking the lid on a jar of something you have made from scratch, to be enjoyed year-round or shared as gifts.

We invite you to join us to learn all about fermentation.

Included in this hands-on workshop:

  • Introduction to fermentation, including the history, health benefits, equipment and processes, plus an introduction to the gut microbiome and its importance to our health. Go home feeling inspired and confident to start fermenting on your own
  • Get your hands stuck into making your own jars of sauerkraut to take home. You will do the entire process from start to finish (twice!) and make two 1L jars flavoured to your liking. We have some super ideas to add a bit of zing to your kraut with various flavours.
  • The aim of this workshop is to get really confident with the process of fermenting with a focus on sauerkraut, however to inspire you further, we will demonstrate some of our other favourite ferments such as fermented garlic and ginger pastes and a sour gut tonic.
  • Tea and coffe, plus brunch or afternoon tea.
  • Printed notes and recipes.

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