Wholefood Pantry Staples

Wholefood Pantry Staples

Wholefood Pantry Staples

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants” – Michael Pollan

There is something wonderful about making your own food from scratch.  It is all about getting back to what our grandparents did and reviving an art that is slowly vanishing. Making our own food means we know exactly what we are consuming and where it came from. We know that the ingredients are good quality, organic where possible and best of all free from chemicals, preservatives, extra sugar and salt.  You are in control of what goes in your body.

Join us for a relaxing and fun day our on our property in the Perth Hills that is all about slowing down, getting back to simplicity and savouring the satisfaction and pride that accompanies creating wholesome food from scratch. This workshop aims to help you to incorporate more wholefoods into your diet thereby reducing the consumption of processed and packaged foods. Many of the recipes can be made in bulk, then stored or frozen so you always have something wholesome and nourishing in the pantry.  

In this demonstration style workshop we will learn how to make:

  • Seeded crackers

  • Crunchy granola

  • Nut milk
  • Coconut Yoghurt
  • Nut Butter
  • Jam
  • Vegetable stock - free from MSG and preservatives, perfect to freeze
  • Vegan chipotle mayonaise 
  • Curry paste (perfect to freeze and pop into some coconut milk for a wholesome midweek curry)

Also included:

  • Tips on how to set up a wholefoods pantry 
  • Where to source the best ingredients
  • How to activate and sprout foods for additional health benefits
  • Alternatives to sugar, dairy and gluten 
  • Take home samples of what we create 
  • Extensive notes and recipes
  • Beautiful morning or afternoon tea spread

Places are limited!

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