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Foraged For You - The Children's Blend

Foraged For You - The Children's Blend

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The Children's Blend is a blend of the most nutrient dense, real and fermented foods. It is formulated specifically for the nutritional requirements of the special littlest loves in our lives, to support their growth and development when consumed as part of a healthy diet. 

This blend covers the many nutrient gaps that both adults and children miss, even when following wholesome, real food diets. It provides the parents a sense of relief and warms their heart when they know their child is receiving the foods and nutrients within the foods!


Organic beetroot juice, all organic fermented blend (fermented red lentils, broccoli, chlorella, spinach, camu camu, pepitas, beetroot juice, molasses), organic grass fed beef liver, freeze dried wild harvested elderberry, stevia leaf (Steviol glycosides), organic chamomile flowers, organic camu camu, organic Atlantic kelp.

Free from artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours, synthetics or preservatives. All natural, no GMO ingredients.

Made with 100% certified organic supplement & ingredients.
Free from artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours, synthetics or preservatives. All natural, no GMO ingredients.

To read about the difference between the Mothers and Children's Blend - click here. 

How to use it daily

You just use a spoon, water and the blend to roughly mix it in a glass and guzzle, but some of you want to make sure it is completely emulsified - and this is totally possible! Because the blend is free from chemical emulsifiers (eg soy lecithin), the blend will need a little help to completely mix in water, and the following quick and easy methods help you do just that.

  • Use juice instead of water. Beetroot juice makes for a sweet taste, organic, pure apple, orange or pineapple juice would be so, so delicious!
  • Add your dose to any jar or mixer cup along with just a ¼ - ½ cup of water or juice and shake, shake, shake! It will completely emulsify and is like having a juice with zero pulp.
  • Blitz the dose and ¼-½ cup of water in your blender just for a few seconds and it will emulsify to a pure juice.
  • Combine the dose with a very small amount of water and turn it into a paste consistency using a spoon then add around ¼ - ½ cup of water until it is fully emulsified.
  • Add it into a smoothie or smoothie bowl with foods like strawberry, blueberry, banana, coconut cream, coconut milk or coconut yoghurt, pure grass fed collagen powder, cucumber and zucchini etc
  • Gummies, gummies and more gummies! 
  • Sprinkle on top of cooled porridge and blend if you choose
  • Add to unsweetened yoghurt with berries and/or other fruit
  • Gelatin capsules. Whilst this might seem tedious, reports have been that it is super easy and can be worthwhile for those that are very nauseous. You can get gelatin capsules from a health food store or chemist.
  • You can also find lots of inspiration on Instagram @sheridanjoyaustin or @foragedforyou_

Without exception, we always choose certified organic ingredients of the highest quality, prepared how nature and tradition has taught us, free from any excipients that are often hidden that don't 'need' to be on product labels. We choose nature's most nutrient dense foods, compile them into one, to create more ease and less cost for the average person wanting incredible nourishment, and not just live, but thrive!

Stronger immune systems, relieved skin issues, better mental health and balanced moods, a better functioning digestive system, nutrient blood testing results better than ever and more are just some of the reports we receive daily.

Liver was selected for its iron, B12, folate, zinc, choline and copper content.

Kelp was selected for its iodine content.

Fermented greens were selected for their gentle cleansing abilities and bioavailable forms of nutrients like folate and vitamin C content, along with a diverse range of minerals.

Camu camu was selected for its natural high vitamin C content.

Beetroot juice was selected for its folate, antioxidant content, its blood building properties and natural nitrate content to assist with nutrient delivery and oxygenation of the blood.

Elderberry was selected for its quercetin and vitamin C content, along with its unmatched antiviral support to ward off and prevent the very common colds and flus children are faced with. 

Chamomile was selected for its calming benefits for those suffering teething (especially when served in ice-block form!), calming abilities to the nervous system and digestive system. 

Basically, we are aiming for an overall happier child here! 

And so much more. Head to our 'ingredients' page to read more. 

All ingredients and blends are independently and third party tested for its nutrient content and purity.


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