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Eat More Plants

Eat More Plants

“Eat Food, not too much, mostly plants” - Michael Pollan 

Regardless of whether you follow a vegetarian, vegan, omnivore or flexitarian diet, eating more plants is a powerful way to optimise health, prevent disease, improve longevity and support planetary health. 

A wholefood plant-based diet simply emphasises including more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans and legumes, nuts and seeds, and excluding or reducing processed foods like refined sugar and flour, and processed oils. To us, this is not a “one diet fits all” approach so people are encouraged to eat what their body needs to function optimally and treat food more as medicine. Nothing preachy or judgemental here!

Nutrition has become increasingly confusing; fad diets are often conflicting and there is simply information overload. This workshop aims to cut through the confusion and return to the simple power of food that enables us to live healthier for longer, and at the same time help protect the future of our planet.

We will not only provide the science behind the health benefits (especially gut health) of including more plants in your diet, but will also give you the skills, knowledge and confidence to start making some plant-based changes or swaps, regardless of what diet you follow.

In this workshop we will share with your our favourite techniques and recipes for helping make the switch to including more plants in your diet, and make your health and that of your family a priority. Take away some new recipes that are tasty, simple, affordable, hearty and will appeal to the whole family. We have amped up the plant content of family favourite recipes and will demonstrate the secrets to making them flavoursome and satisfying.

Also included in the workshop will be discussions about wholefood plant-based replacements or alternatives for meat such as beans and lentils, grains, nuts and seeds, plus some more unusual ingredients like jackfruit and fermented foods such as tofu and tempeh that you may have previously dismissed as tasteless. We will go through the benefits of these plant foods and how best to prepare and include them in your cooking. 

Enjoy a delicious lunch and a collection of our favourite recipes to take home.

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