Are you interested in starting our own holistic living journey? Hear from others who have taken part in our wellbeing workshops and taken the first steps towards healthy living through educating themselves on healthy food, healthy drinks and a healthy home.


"Jess and Robyn's Short Street Kitchen workshops are fun, informative and a pleasure to attend! They offer practical skills to assist you in developing and maintaining your well being lifestyle. The workshops provide information which is easily incorporated into our day to day lives.

I've attended several SSK workshops and events. Jess and Robyn are very knowledgeable and passionate in teaching skills, sharing valuable tips and providing recipes to take home and use in your own kitchen. There are many added bonuses to attending a SSK workshop - their property is a tranquil refuge in the hills with sprawling gardens and orchard; the styling and attention to detail equals any decorating magazine and their delivery is very professional.

Jess and Robyn are both very welcoming and friendly putting you immediately at ease. Participating in a SSK workshop will definitely exceed your expectations!"

- Gayl, Dalkeith, WA  

“An afternoon at Short Street Kitchen was a treat for the senses... the serenity of being in the Bush, a feast of fresh food, wandering through the prettiest garden and orchard of berries, quince, pomegranate and so much more.... Jess and Robyn delight with their smiles, generosity and passion for what they are creating. I look forward to  another visit soon.

- Emma, WA


"For a wonderful day, a day quite unlike anything you've every previously experiences, why not treat yourself to a day at Short Street Kitchen. Better still bring a whole group of your friends and enjoy not only the delights of a beautiful country garden and wonderful fresh picked garden produce, but learn about all manner of things natural from the lovely, well informed and passionate owners of this outstanding enterprise. It's a day not only to savour, but one you will never forget"

- Wiggy Saunders, Shenton Park, WA


"I've had such an amazing experience at Short Street Kitchen with Robyn and Jess! From the moment you step onto their property, you will feel respite from living and working in the city. After the probiotic drinks workshop, I left with the knowledge, skills and even the tools to start making milk kefir and kombucha at home. I am so grateful that Robyn introduced me to milk kefir. It has been such as easy way to incorporate cultured food into my morning routine. I have even started making delicious cultured labneh using their recipes!"

- Abby, West Leederville, WA


"I have just attended the 'Creating a Healthy Home' workshop at Short Street Kitchen with Robyn and Jess. I have come away feeling well informed, inspired and motivated to make changes towards a healthier life. Robyn and Jess enthralled our group with their intelligent, well-researched information about the things in our everyday lives that hinder, and those that enhance our well-being and health. 

We all left with comprehensive and easily understood notes, recipes for various cleaning products, links to good websites to further our foray into healthfulness, and goody bags with samples of products made during the workshop. Very importantly, I for one left for home feeling rested and restored after spending a few hours in the most magical garden, learning and laughing with Robyn and Jess and the other participants, eating the wonderful spread of healthy treats and just breathing in the fresh hills air. 

I loved the workshop so much I have already booked in for two other upcoming workshops and cant wait! Thankyou Robyn and Jess for all your warm and generous sharing."

- Belinda, Claremont, WA