Wholesome Treats

Wholesome Treats

Wholesome Treats

Join us and learn how to make delicious dairy and refined sugar-free treats that incorporate superfoods.

Most people love a sweet treat - think - a slice of cake, a biscuit with a cuppa, a bowl of ice-cream on a hot day, or a chocolate bar when we get that afternoon energy slump. This is reflected in the fact that worldwide sugar consumption has increased 46% in the past 30 years. The frightening thing is that most of the sugar we consume isn’t easy to spot and is often “hidden” in processed and packaged food, take away food and soft drinks.

In this demonstration style workshop we will:

  • Discuss why sugar is so addictive and what the health issues are with over-indulging. We will also discuss the hidden impact on our gut health.
  • Discuss a range of alternatives to refined sugar and go into the pros and cons of each, remembering that using healthier alternatives doesn’t necessarily give us the green light to overindulge.
  • Learn about superfoods such as maca, mesquite and lacuma along with the health promoting properties of medicinal mushrooms and how to incorporate these into recipes for an additional health boost.
  • Demonstrate recipes that incorporate superstar seeds. You might be aware of the importance of omega-3's and omega-6's for a healthy body, but our bodies cant make them so we are totally reliant on including them in our diet. The correct ratio of omega-3s to omega-6s is important for good health but our modern Western diet which is high in vegetable oils and processed food, provides an excess of omega-6 and inadequate levels on omega-3. We will show you how you can help balance the ratio by including flax, chia and hemp seeds in your diet

Plus learn how to make:

  • Pure raw chocolate from scratch
  • A variety of chia puddings - perfect as a portable brekky or dessert
  • A healthy lunchbox bar full of nuts and seeds
  • Fudge
  • Slices
  • Chocolate mousse
  • Pantry basics, including a salted caramel sauce and chocolate sauce

Also included:

  • Where to source the best ingredients and how to store them so they maintain their nourishing properties
  • Extensive notes and recipes
  • Nourishing morning or afternoon tea

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