Wholesome Treats

Wholesome Treats

Wholesome Treats

Eating healthy doesn't have to be boring and desserts and sweet treats don't have to be a guilty pleasure! Join us and learn how to make more healthful yet still delicious sweet treats that are free from dairy and refined sugar. 

These sweets make perfect lunchbox snacks and many of them can be kept in the freezer, on hand ready for when cravings strike. 

We will show you techniques of how to naturally flavour and sweeten foods, how to achieve the perfect texture and what equipment and ingredients you need to have in your pantry. 

In this demonstration style workshop we will learn how to make:

  • Raw chocolate - made from scratch
  • Raw bliss balls with plenty of variations and how to take them to the next level by including various superfoods. 
  • A variety of chia puddings - perfect for breakfast or dessert
  • Slices
  • Tarts and fillings
  • Some pantry basics - chocolate sauce and salted caramel sauce

Sample everything as we go along, take home some goodies and save some room for afternoon tea after a wander in the garden.

Printed notes and recipes are included


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